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Share your favorite movies on Facebook.

Enjoyed a movie on 3doo? Share it with your Family and friends on Facebook using our 3doo Android Player App and let them watch a free full movie for free.

Please note that the provided link will only work if it is posted on Facebook. If our 3doo Movie Player App is not installed it will Redirect you to the Google PlayStore.  Read more...


Individual episodes of: "Safety Geeks: SVI" are available now

Do you love security? Then you will love these geeks. Just take a look at our Comedy channel and let yourself be taught about all the deadly dangers.  Read more...


Update on LG webOS - Now with 4K UHD support and Facebook login

The 3doo 3D Movie Player on LG was updated and now supports 4K UHD. If you got a UHD LG TV you can watch 4K movies like "Sintel" and even 3D 4K movies like "Big Buck Bunny". We also made it easier to sign in on your LG TV - you can do it with your facebook account now.  Read more...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 3doo?

· 3doo is the only global 3D market place and Video on Demand (VoD) platform, delivering the excitement of 3D media and entertainment to a global audience while offering producers and rights owners the unique opportunity to distribute and monetize their content anywhere in the world, using a simple web interface.

Is 3doo free?

· Yes.

· The award-winning 3doo player App is completely free of charge.

· We will continuously continue to grow both free and on-demand content.

What is my 3doo registration good for?

· The registration allows you to stay informed about new films, videos and special events available on 3doo.

· Also you are able to rent full movies and videos and if you set your age, you are able get access to age rated content.

Account registration

· It is recommended to use the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari. Please note that the 3doo website is actually not compatible with some mobile or SmartTV browsers.
· Please check your Spam- or Junk-Folder and add our sender to your Whitelist (
· If the link in the activation mail is not 'clickable', please try to copy and paste it to your internet browser.
· If you accidentally click the link twice an error will show up - please try to sign in with your credentials and accept the Terms of Service.

Which browsers, brands and devices are compatible?

· 3doo is currently available on 3D Smart TVs from LG, Panasonic, Samsung and on Android mobile devices. More devices will follow soon.
· It is always recommended to install the latest software version/operating system available to enjoy the best 3D viewing experience.

Important Note:

· Please note that some users may experience performance issues on new Smart TV models running with Tizen OS by Samsung due to the emulation of our 3Doo Player App. You are welcome to report your issues or experiences to our support team.

· To check if your Smart TV by Samsung is running with Tizen OS please contact Samsung or your local vendor.

What is a Content Publisher?

· A 3doo content publisher is a producer, rights holder or professional (or semi professional) content creator, that can upload and distribute his quality 3D content to a global audience.
· He can set the price, select the markets, and manage his account using the 3doo platform.

How can i change my options e.g.: Receive the latest news or change my password?

· Please navigate to 3doo with your internet browser and sign in with your credentials. After the login, please go to "My Account" to locate the options  and change your account information.

Is 3doo available in my country?

· 3doo is available all over the world, depending on your device.

What internet speed do I need for 3doo?

· 3doo does not require a minimum internet speed. Naturally it may take longer to load images and play 3D videos if you have a slow or unreliable connection.
· We deliver free videos with about 1 MB/second. If you have an internet connection with more than 1MB/second, 3doo should play videos without any interruption.
· To watch paid VoD content, it is recommended you have a 6MB/second internet connection or higher.

Where do i get 3doo App on my 3D Smart TV or my 3D mobile devices?

· The award-winning 3doo Player App can be found on some brands pre-installed on your 3D Smart TV. It can also be downloaded from the markt place or app store of your device.
· In case if the 3doo Player App will not start to download, please check your internet connection, restart your 3D smart TV or 3D mobile device and then download and install the app.

Why is the Paypal website not in english?

· Paypal localizes its websites so every user can use it in their native language.
· 3doo uses the information the browser gives about your preferred language and sets the paypal page accordingly.
· For example: if you are connecting to the internet from the USA, but have set your preferred language to french in your browser preferences paypal website will show up in french.

Login on 3doo app does not work, 3doo app is not starting or the 3doo app is not displaying content after login on.

· Please make sure that your credentials are correct
· Please make sure that your account was activated successfully
· Please make sure that your age is not set at a future date
· Please make sure that your device is running with the latest available software
· Restart your app and your device.
Please contact us via '' if the problem still occurs.

How can i delete my account? Or if you have further problems with our website/software that are not listet here.

Please contact us via ''.

How to redeem my FREE movie?

· In order to redeem your free movie you will need to connect your PayPal account to your 3doo account. Please connect your account after signing in to

· In order to redeem your free movie you will need to rent a paid VOD movie. You will receive a full refund on your first rental.

· Please note that the refunded money might remain on your PayPal account depending on your selected method of payment. In this case please transfer the money manually.

Why am I not able to edit my birthday?

Depending on your used browser and its version, the date picker function may not work properly. Please type in your birthday manually and click on the save-button once your are ready.

Is VR (Virtual Reality) supported by 3doo?

· Yes. We offer a Virtual Cinema Mode for the 3doo Android App for Smartphones.

· You can watch 3D Movies on a virtual big screen.

· It is available on all phones supporting Google's Cardboard concept.

· If you want to watch a paid VoD in VR, you either watch the trailer if you have not bought it yet or the full movie if you did so.

What is Google Cardboard?

· Google Cardboard is a simple, fun and affordable way to enjoy virtual reality on your android  phone.

· You can easily buy a Cardboard on, get further information and a construction manual if you need it.

What is a gyroscope and can I use still VR if my device do not have one?

· A gyroscope provides the ability to check the direction you turn your device into.

· You can use our VR-mode without a gyroscope, but than you cannot move the screen and the interface is disabled because moving is necessary for it.

· Further you can disable your gyroscope, as told above the screenperspective is than locked. This is helpful while watching in a train or if you simply want to watch while lying.

Why is my 3doo-Facebook account not linked with my normal 3doo account?

· Currently we are working on this subject.

· But as long as you cannot join your accounts, enjoy your second "Free to view as your first rental!"

What is my referral link good for?

· You can use your personal referral link to share your 3doo experience with your family and your friends. In return you will receive a free movie for every new user that signed up to 3doo using your referral link. And of course, they will receive a full refund on their first rental.

Where is my referral link?

· Please sign in on using your credentials. You will find your personal referral link on your account page.

How can I share my personal referral link?


· Press the 'Share on Facebook' button to share your link on Facebook. Using this function you can decide who can see your posting fitting your privacy settings.

· Press the 'Copy to Clipboard' button to simply paste your link to an email, a messenger or wherever you want to use it.

Why did I have to pay for my free movie?

3doo offers a full refund for your first rental. The refund gets processed automatically by PayPal.
Depending on the payment method used, the refund will be credited to the PayPal account as credit - not to the linked payment source.

Please check your PayPal account. Please contact us at the following email address in case you think you have not received your refund:


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