3doo, Inc. was founded in 2010 to continue to develop, market and deploy the global 3doo 3-D media market place. Through partnerships with leading companies all over the world and an innovative business concept, 3doo provides end users and businesses alike with quality 3-D content. 3doo's global payment and currency system, as well as advanced targeted advertising capabilities make it a valuable partner for industry partners worldwide. 3doo, Inc. is headquartered in New York City and has a 100% owned subsidiary in Cologne, Germany to service the European markets.


3doo's mission is to provide users with the sole interactive 3-D platform from which they can access, share and enjoy a 3D online experience. Users will be able to interact with other users across the world, creating a hub of new and diverse 3D content. By employing its cutting edge multi format broadcasting and 3-D transcoding software, 3doo will strive to provide all users, from the tech savvy to the casual, with an accessible, interactive and enjoyable way to view and share 3-D content. Moreover, 3doo’s technology guarantees compatibility with every 3D device on the market and brings the 3-D experience to consumers, wherever they might be.


3doo, Inc., USA

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