3doo App now available on SAMSUNG Smart-TV's

3doo Launches 3-D Player App On Samsung Smart 3-D Televisions Worldwide. Poised to Expand Potential Global 3doo User Base to 65 Million in 2013.

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You like 3-D.
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3doo brings you hours of exciting and well made 3-D content. Browse the featured titles or navigate through our easy to use and growing channel selection. Let 3doo add a new dimension to your life - literaly.

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3doo is more than just another video platform. It is a 3-D market place for premium content. This means rights owners and producers can upload and distribute world- wide. For you it means more cool 3-D entertainment.

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Coming to your 3-D
TV, PC & Smartphone

3doo means 3-D where you want it and when you want it. This year we bring the 3doo player app onto almost every 3-D capable device on the market, starting with Panasonic Viera TV’s and Windows-PC’s.

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Share your own 3-D
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3doo lets you share your own 3-D content right from your 3-D smart phone, camera or camcorder. Upload your content to your my3doo channel and watch it anywhere you want or impress your friends on their 3-D TV’s.