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If you are a producer, rights holder or semi-professional content creator, we invite you to register with 3doo as a “Content Owner” for free and with no obligations today. Upload your premium 3-D content, teaser trailers, works of art and more to the 3doo platform and make it available to a 3-D savvy audience world-wide.

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For a limited time, register a content provider account with 3doo for FREE. As a content provider you can upload and distribute quality 3-D content of any kind to a global audience. Your media can soon be targeted by region and have localized cover art and trailers.

Quality 3-D Content

3doo will screen any uploaded 3-D content for 3-D quality and objectionable content to ensure a high viewing standard for our customers. Please refer to basic 3-D production guidelines available from many publishers to create good quality content.

Privacy Notice

By registering as a content provider with 3doo you are creating a 3doo content provider user account that is separate from a consumer account. We respect your privacy and will not share your registration information with anyone. For your own safety, do never disclose your 3doo account information to anyone.

Please enter a 3doo activation key if you have one.

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